Two weeks of the summer

Things I like from Summer Camp 2017

Posted by Islam Nurdin on July 20, 2017

Summer camps were always funny for me. Summer camp by University of Central Asia (UCA) was more than funny. In this kind of camps usually you learn something new. Summer camp this year was focused more for academic development.

Finally, I had time to finish my blog. I just want write this why this year was more pleasant and here are the things I liked about UCA summer camp. Enjoy!


I've been to four summer camps in my life & I know how food is there. Usually, I had small pieces of food in small plates. UCA provided food in big plates with delicious eastern cuisine. I'm a guy who says "NO" to a food I don't like. However, the food at UCA was admirable where I ate everything.


I liked UCA campus. The UCA Naryn Campus launched in September 2016. The campus was new and marvelous. The UCA Summer camp was different because they provided excellent facilities to the students of Central Asia. The classrooms were nice. Especially when you enter, you feel you want to study! It was strange feeling because whenever I come to other classrooms, I want to sleep haha. Islam also liked the chairs in classrooms. The chairs were soft and convenient for his back.

Prof. Hamid
I like how Prof. Hamid explains.

The living-rooms were exceptional. In one room, there were two people. My roommate, Khusrav was from Republic of Tajikistan. Also, I miss my bed. My bed was so good so that whenever I lay, I immediately fall asleep.

I always thought that classrooms are for sleeping

A game-room was constructed for students to help them to take rest and play pool, table tennis and other games. Everyday was a holiday for me. I was there everyday during free time. That's a place where I met my friends who made me happy during camp. Generally, it was enjoyable playing football in sports bubble, I felt concentrated in the library (it was so quite).


Probably, this part is the most interesting part. Friends at UCA. I meet 74 students from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. It was my pleasure to know about their cultures. I was so interested in different cultures.

View from UCA campus
To go places and do things that have never been done before – that’s what living is all about.

I would like mention that I like different people with different mindsets. Most of my friends had something unique. For instance, Nurgazy was different thinking about world & life. He was himself and that's why I respect him. Husnish was from Tajikistan. She was the best in communicating with others. For me she was the funniest girl. Bekzat was from Kazakhstan. He was the smartest guy. He knew everything I asked. I like the way he thinks in a different way, he thinks out of the box. There were also good friends like Aizada. She is kind and cute :). In addition, there were many guys with unique personality.

I consider UCA camp counselors as my best friends. They are the people who were ready for everything. I think that's why they are called counselors haha. My brothers Masrur and Sheroz were the best in waking me up every morning. The beautiful counselors: Sabrina, Parvina, Bonu, Heather, Bahymdat, Sana, Nazhmiya, Nadira. And of course big thanks to head of the staff: Shan, Davis, Samarat and other people who helped whom I don't know.

Evening activities

I usually don't like evening activites. You feel tired and bored. However, I really enjoyed the activity called "Build your own country". We were building our own country from scratch. Even we were planning how much resources, coastal areas and other a lot of things to make our country the best

And then we were negotiating with other countries. We were discussing problem that's given to both countries. I liked this moment.

Our country - Alagezia
Usually, I try to speak politely.


Everyone whom I met was telling that I'm so strange person. Really? I mean I see myself as a simple guy who is as same as other boys. Anyways, if you got offended, SORRY. This is me.

Message to all my friends from UCA Summer Camp. If you're reading this, I want to thank you for just being with me even I was so strange. I want to thank you for being my friend for amazing 2 weeks of camp. Keep in touch and take care. Miss you.

Overall, the camp was quite enjoyable. I would highly recommend if you want to take rest and spend your two weeks of summer in funny community. As for upgrading your academics, hope this camp will be better in the next year.

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